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Monday, February 5, 2018



Before I even moved into the property at 8 Elm Street, I intended to set up "My Great White Barn" as a gallery, but it's history, after barn and carriage house, had included a seasonal gallery, traditional site of the Freedom Old Home Week lawn party, and three years of housing "Freedom Rings in the Holidays" crafts fair which was forced by NH winter weather, to move to warmer quarters in Town Hall.

Peg Scully's Wall
As an artist myself, I knew my great white barn was destined to be a gallery, and my studio, but what else? What are galleries for? First thought is for selling art, yes, of course...but if it were only for  people looking to buy art, it would be a lonely empty place.

A gallery is also for looking and learning! Art broadens our perspectives, soothes us, stimulates us, increases our awareness of the worlds around us.  A business name for my gallery kept parading through my mind. Freedom Gallery for ART & SPIRIT?

Spirit? Where did that fit into Art Galleries?
Terri Brooks' Wall
As the Freedom yoga teacher, a seemingly unconnected thought was, "A warm gallery closer to home than Town Hall? Of course, try it...and so I moved my yoga classes to the Gallery once it was heated. It's been a success. Class participants have commented that the paintings and photographs definitely add to the ambiance. They love Yoga in the Gallery! Of course they do. Art adds! That's why we visit museums...not to buy, but to see, to experience! 
Part of Joe Viger's Wall
These thumb nails show the gallery in miniature. They all look better up close and you don't have to join yoga to see what the yoga class sees*. Visit the gallery, in person, 10-3 Sat, 11:30-3 Sunday, or call 610-762-2493 to make an appointment!  We love to share our art, and we welcome visitors, by appointments or as drop-ins.
(*FYI Yoga is open for all levels, M&Th 3:45 & 6, Tues 10:30)
Sarah Tabor's Wall

Barbara McEvoy's Wall

Nancy Griffin's Wall
Joel Rhymer's Wall

THE NEXT STEPS? Don't miss out!

What more can we do with this wonderful space, besides thanking the artists for sharing their work. The answer is, Gallery Talks, but, since art and spirit are visual and active, as well as discussable, we have set up a series of experiential programs where you can come to look, listen, learn and, yes,  "Do something!" "Participate."

STARTING THIS WEEK We've planned free gallery events for the second and fourth Fridays. Join us for one or more. 

Friday February 7, two separate times, 1-2:30 and 6-8:30
     "Journaling: More than you ever imagined " Bring a notebook 8 1/2 by 11, and pens.
      Call Barbara with questions and to let her know you are coming to assure seating.

Friday February 23, two separate times, 1-2:30 and 6-8,  "Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring"  Exhibit opening with artists telling stories behind some of their works.

Friday March 9, 6-8  "Here's Looking at You"   Interactive Demonstration
Gallery Artist Peg Scully will be painting a portrait with a model on hand, and discuss what she is looking at, seeing, and doing as she paints. Artists can bring pencil and sketch pad if they want to try their hand at pencil portraits. 

Friday March 23, 6-8 PM  "Seeing With a Photographer's Eye" 
Gallery Photographer Joel Rhymer will present a power point explaining what makes some photos more appealing than others. Bring one or two photo's of your own to share, talk about, and/or critique.

Friday April 13, 6-8 "Walking the town with a Camera"  

Gallery Photographer Joe Viger will guide you on a short walk, giving photo tips, and return to the gallery for interactive discussion where we can share. Bring your camera phones!

Friday April 27 6-8  "Your Turn"
     Bring a favorite poem to read, one of your own, or just come to listen to other perspectives. 

As community events, you are welcome to BYOB and/or a snack. Seating is somewhat limited, so BYOC (floor pillow, camp chair) or call Barbara to let her know you'll need a chair and it will be provided. (Call 610-762-2493)

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