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Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Plenty of room for paintings, plenty of room for visitors, plenty of food...

It happened! It really happened! 
October 21 was the grand opening of Freedom Gallery for Art & Spirit, LLC!
(Yes, that WAS a while ago, but when a baby is born, we are often busier than we realize, and Freedom Gallery has been, still is, my baby! )
But, late being said, it still needs to be said...What a wonderful village Freedom is. 
A general announcement and invitation went out and the town showed up bringing the party with them! The giving spirit here in the Village is remarkable, everyone ready to celebrate. Thank you, thank you...

and drink...
and conversation...

Plenty to look at and admire,
from local  award winning artists. 

The many compliments on the rehabbing were both noted and appreciated. Thank you again! ..Intent was to keep as many "barn aspects" as possible, but to have plenty of "hanging space" in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Notice the "new" ceiling" accents the very old beams, (probably pre 1865) as well as some of the side supports. 

The slider (at rear of photo to right) is an efficient gallery entrance, heat wise, that also allows the original barn door to show through, when we need heat. (Thank you Ed Boyer, for that design idea) while providing excellent gallery space on the ledge above. Old floors were sanded and urethaned, old unsafe stairs replaced, etc. 

Old Glass was maintained in the original windows, but a second layer of inset glass both protects the windows and provides insulation. As an unheated barn originally, it was necessary to essentially build a shell within the shell. In fact, the details of what went in to this "final" show place are too numerous to mention, which probably explains why visitors coming in expect a barn and almost always express surprise. Come and see for yourself!

Friends, Ray Desmarais, the coordinating contractor of this undertaking,
and his artist wife, Joyce are enjoying the exhibit. 
It is indeed a "Fine Arts Gallery" as several guests have commented,  and many thanks go to Ray Desmarais contractor, his son Steve, and his group of workers for a job exceedingly well done.

If you missed the opening and have been meaning to stop by, do so please.
Gallery hours are Saturday 10 to 3 and Sunday 11:30 to 3:30, 
BUT if you are in town or passing through, the gallery phone number is on the sign out front. 
Don't hesitate to call the number. Or make an appointment. Whether I'm in my home or my studio, I'll be glad to show off the gallery and its' artists' works. 

Remember, a Gallery isn't for selling, (though no-one complains if you buy), it's for enjoying someone else's perspective and broadening your own as well.

We're located at 8 Elm Street, Freedom, NH...Next to the church and opposite the Village Store!

Stay tuned, follow the blog. Next installment will tell about the fine art artists and feature their works. 

Check out my artist blog, Barbara McEvoy,, and my website Barbara Mcevoy, Artist of White Mountain Scenes

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