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Monday, April 24, 2017



One of the first things I noticed when I drove into Freedom was the Great White Barn with an accompanying antique cape, sitting next to the church and across from the Village Store. Wistfully I thought, "Wouldn't it be great?" without even finishing the sentence. 

That was June 2010. In June of 2016 I moved into the the cape and started making plans for winterizing a section of the barn for my studio, and of course planning to use a major part of the barn as a gallery,
FREEDOM GALLERY...that's what the sign out front indicated.  Perfect!

The advice is common, live in a place for a year before making changes...get to know it. But the annual Freedom Old Home Week Lawn Party was held on the lawn my "new" old house, and I couldn't let the opportunity pass. Four other Freedom Artists and myself used the main room of the barn for a gallery. And then there was "Freedom Rings in the Holiday," just before Thanksgiving. Fortunately the weather was mild. With a little wine to warm our blood, and a few electric heaters, strategically placed so not to flip the circuit breakers, we were warm enough.

But such a beautiful big barn! Seeing it every time I walked out my front door, my head and heart were saying, "It needs to have more than an occasional exhibit/sale." And so it will!

I envision a busy, bustling place, not only for use as a gallery/sales room, but also a place for classes of varied sorts, throughout the year. 

Visit us at 8 Elm Street (next to the church) and

We expect to be open for Ducky Day, June 24; FreedomOldHomeWeek July 28- 5.

Watch for the Grand Opening  of MY GREAT WHITE BARN in Sept or Oct
Meanwhile, if you're looking for a landscape, (my speciality),  viewing is available by chance or by appointment. (610-762-2493) or e-mail me at

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