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Friday, November 2, 2018


The Connection Continues

Ashton Ingram
 Artist of the Month, September,
Freedom Elementary student, 3rd grade

Stop by Freedom Gallery to see Ashton Ingram’s painting, “The Hungry Fish,” in person. Ashton, a third grader, is the first student selected as the Artist of the Month, a new program at Freedom Elementary School, instituted by their art teacher, Mrs. Kim Stephan. Just one more connection between Freedom Elementary School and Freedom Gallery at 8 Elm Street.

The Freedom Gallery Connection began last year when Mrs. Stephan had the idea that it would be special to have students’ art displayed in a real gallery. Maybe like the one she ran past on Elm Street, Freedom. A word here and there, ski buddies, family connections, and yes… Of course! The connection was made! Let’s do it. A student exhibit in a real gallery. A piece of art from every student on display as an end of year celebration of art! But let’s first introduce the children formally to the gallery, to other artists' art! 

Mrs Stephan making final changes on the exhibit.
And so they came in May, a short walk from the school to Freedom Gallery.  They chose an art piece they liked and wrote about it using a response sheet Mrs. Stephan had prepared. Then in June each student chose a painting from their own portfolio to include in the First Annual Freedom Elementary School Exhibit at Freedom Gallery! The exhibit was hung, 
Students and parents enjoying the exhibit.
and they came back, again, with their parents and with the community to see their works on display. 

Before the fun of that evening faded from our memories, the decision was made to continue with an annual exhibit, and to bring the students back for more than one gallery visit during the next year. 

And before this school year started, the thought was to also choose an art student of the month. The connection continues! 

How lucky we are when school programs and parents recognize the importance of art and music to child development, and provide the support. Thank you Mrs. Stephan. Thank you Mrs Pat Stone. Thank you Freedom Elementary School teachers and parents.

Hungry fish!
Ashton Ingram

Try the following, shorter version of Mrs.Stephan’s response sheet below, on Ashton’s painting! And on other art pieces when you visit the gallery! 

Look at the painting. Consider the lines, colors, textures, patterns.  Think of the purpose! 

What do you think the artist was thinking or feeling as he/she created the art piece?

What are you thinking and feeling as you look at the art. 

What do you like best? What don’t you like?

Stop by to see October’s Artist, to be announced soon, and watch this blog or the Freedom Bulletin Board for announcement of other artists of the month as they are announced. Gallery hours generally open 10-5 on Saturdays, 11:30 to 3 on Sundays, or call for an appointment  (610) 762-2493.

Also coming up, Freedom Rings in the Holidays, November 16 from 6pm-9pm, Nov 17 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 11:30 to 2. Join us for cider and cookies and visit other holiday venues as well during this festive event.

Yoga continues at Freedom Gallery: Mon and Th 1:30 beginners/reNEWal classes 
and advanced beginners/intermediate classes on Mon and Th 4 and 6, and Wed 10:30.
Same low prices: First class Free, then $75 for 10 classes, $40 unlimited monthly, and $10 drop-in.
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Wednesday, September 12, 2018


Sarah Tabor: Monotype


Do you look at a print and wonder “What kind of print is that, anyway?”   Or shake your head in frustration when someone says, "It’s a lithograph, or maybe a monotype?" 
Sarah Tabor: Linoleum block print
In a demonstration/talk at Freedom Gallery,  Print maker, Sarah Tabor will explain the differences between the various types of prints, including demonstration of the process and tools used for many of them. Join us and learn the process and tools for linoleum block, silk screen, lithograph, monotype, wood block, photo etching, cyanotype, and maybe more so you can go home and do it yourself! 

Please call, email or text Barbara 610-762-2493 or < so we can have enough seats available. 

Terri Brooks giving history of perspective.


Terri's demo drawing

If you missed Terri's demonstration and lesson on outdoor linear perspective, (August), she's returning to give a lesson on linear perspective of interiors. Be sure to bring pencil, paper, eraser, ruler or straight edge, and something to lean on. She'll give the demo, but, as before, we'll practice with her guidance, this time sketching the interior of the gallery/barn. 

Please call, email or text Barbara 610-762-2493 or <> so we can have enough seats available. 


Yoga: Beginners/ ReNEWal Class  
Monday and Thursday 1:30-2:45

Yoga: Advanced Beginners/Intermediate Monday and Thurs 4-5:15 & 6-7:15    Also Wednesday Morning, 10:30-12. 

Artist Support (writers, painters, poets, photographers, etc.)

Sunday, 6:30 to 8 PM, weekly!

 We all tend to procrastinate or even resist the call of our creativity!...Using Julia Cameron's book, The Artist's Way to structure some discussions, we'll share what we are working on, and encourage each other in our own, often difficult progress towards our chosen goal. The point is, have a goal and do something, no matter how small, weekly! 


Wednesday, August 29, 2018



"Artist Support Night" Writing goals for self & gallery artists!
 One of three gallery events that have led to the NEW FALL OPTIONS
Using "Write It Down, Make it Happen!"  a creativity/manifestation tool!
There's a tinge of orange in the hills, an occasional red splash of leaves, school busses have run their practice route, night temperatures are slowly working down the thermometer. Change is in the air and on our calendars. 

Accordingly, Freedom Gallery for Art & Spirit is heading into its fall schedule with the addition of Three new classes, inspired by community requests: Two options tailored for the artists among us and the "wish I were" artists, including writers, poets, painters, sketchers, sculpters, PLUS an additional class for new yogis, "lapsed" yogis and yogis who want to start out the fall at an easier pace. 

TWO OPTIONS FOR ARTISTS (Writers,Poets, Painters, Sketchers, Sculptors)

ARTIST SUPPORT NIGHT  Sunday evenings from 6:30 to 8! Beginning September 9
"Your Turn: Poetry Night"
Reading to a supportive

Aimed more at practicing artists with projects in mind and work to share, the weekly meetings will be your prodding angel to "Do something every week" so you can talk about it, share it, and, of course, have those artist discussions that let us know we all run into the same blocks, we're not alone, we do have dreams to manifest, albeit more slowly than we might want! And yes, we can make time for art! The support night is a direct outgrowth of two gallery events earlier in the year,  
"Your Turn: Poetry Night"
Poetry and Art Blend
Your Turn: Poetry Night, and Artist Support Night.  At both events, the participants (you?) expressed the need for an accepting, understanding group of support, and support on a regular basis. Sunday evening was the best time to bring together retiree's and those still in "day jobs." 

FIND YOUR CREATIVITY: EVERYONE IS AN ARTIST YES, YOU! Wednesdays, 1-2:30 Sept 5 thru Dec 12 $75  (Limited to 15)
FREE INTRODUCTION AND REGISTRATION September 5, 1-2:30. Actual course will run Wed, Sept 12 thru Dec 12, No class 10/10 or 11/21.

Picasso remarked, “Every child is born an artist. The trick is remaining one as an adult.” Picasso had it right...when we lose our playfulness as children, we lose varying degrees of our creativity, and our willingness to take playful risks.

"Journaling: More than you can imagine!"
Learning about Morning Pages,
one of many creativity tools.
Yes, there ARE tricks to finding and/or reigniting that creative spark that was squelched, blocked or severely damaged as we moved through school into the “responsible” and usually linear  world of adulthood. But the tricks are teachable habits and ways of thinking! ways of expanding your vision, your mind and, consequently, your life... As an artist and a long time teacher of writing and literature, teens through teachers, I have my bag of tricks and treasures, not to mention personal and "academic" research, just waiting to release them on a waiting class of adults!!

As a strong supplement, we'll make use of two books by Julia Cameron, a long time expert on the paths to creativity:  It’s Never Too Late to Begin Again:  Discovering Creativity and Meaning at Midlife and Beyond, and The Artist’s Way: Spiritual Path to Creativity. It is strongly suggested that you have one or the other as a basis for your “at home work,” and discussions we'll inevitably have. Be prepared to add pizzazz to your life! Books available through your library and through Amazon books, used or new.

For more information on either artist option, call me at (610) 762-2493, email  <> or  drop by Freedom Gallery to chat. 
Please RSVP  so enough seats are available.

Monday and Thursday 1:30-2:45, beginning Thursday, Sept. 6

Yoga in the California Hills...
If you’ve always wanted to try yoga, or you did it years ago, you’re not very flexible, you recognize age is overtaking you but you’re not ready to give in, this is your class. You’ll learn and practice basic asanas (yoga poses and sequences) developing strength, flexibility and balance. You WILL be getting down on the floor because getting up and down is a SAFETY MUST, but we’ll help you learn, limit the ups and downs and provide chairs to support you until you can do it on your own.

INTERMEDIATE YOGA will continue at 4 and 6 on Monday and Thursday
(come earlier if you want to chat)
The same bargain prices for class continue: $40/month, unlimited attendance; $75 for 10 class pass; $10 drop in; First Class Free. 

Call Barbara at  (610) 762-2493 or e-mail her at <> if you have any questions.

Sunday, April 22, 2018



Terri Brooks' winter paintings
 Following the "Journaling" Event in mid-February, (see previous post) we had an official opening of our "Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring" exhibit February 23, featuring the Winter we were living in and the Spring we were ready for.

Winter to Spring: lots to talk about
Of course we had a snow storm that day, but neighbors and friends who lived close came any way...the advantage of living in a small town.

Friends to talk with.. 

And much to see
March 9th event: Peg Scully at work
The set-up...

Intent audience listening to Joel Rhymer's presentation
Next event, March 9, was Freedom Artist Peg Scully demonstrating portrait painting with live model, Diane Claveau. Peg's painted portraits of many Freedom residents, but during her live demo, "Here's looking at you," we were able to watch as she explained the steps of going from white paper to an almost complete portrait in less than two hours. Watching the portrait evolve was magical. 

Photographer,Joel Rhymer, March 24

Then, March 24th Joel Rhymer did a power point presentation, "Seeing with a Photographer's Eye," explaining five important points for consideration to add interest and drama to our own photos.
The power point presentation, which made use of both Joel's own work and the work of famous photographers,  was followed by discussion and a critiquing session of photos the event participants had brought with them.

Joe Viger gives pointers before the photo walk

Finally, with the weather "on the upswing," Joe Viger led a photo walk April 13, "What Do You Look For? What Did you See With Your Camera?" Beginning inside Joe gave us some pointers on "What do you look for, explaining that we can learn from each other as well as from him. Let loose on the photogenic street in front of the gallery, we clicked away and then returned to the gallery to share what we actually saw with our cameras.

Photowalk walkers getting Joe Viger's opinion...
Photo walkers checking angles

SUMMARIZING:With the first series of Friday events almost completed (five of the initial eight scheduled),it is fair to say, The Great White Barn, indeed, FREEDOM GALLERY for ART & SPIRIT, has had a successful beginning. 

 YOGA continues, open to all levels, M & TH at 3:45 and 6, Wed at 10:30. Check out Yoga in Freedom for schedule and occasional schedule changes. 

NEXT EVENT:  "Your Turn: Poetry Night" 6-8, Friday  April 27.  April is National Poetry Month, so it's fitting to have a poetry session. Do you write poetry? Do you have a favorite poem? Come and share, or come to hear what others have to read. As before, Call Barbara (610)762-2493, or email her and she'll reserve a seat, or, if you're reading your own work, let her know and she'll put you on the program! 

Thank-you all for your participation, comments and compliments.  Suggestions and volunteers for future programs are always welcome.

Saturday, February 10, 2018



Busy writing, afternoon mini-workshop.
Friday, February 9, Freedom Gallery for Art and Spirit LLC hosted its first in an ongoing series of events on the second and fourth Fridays of the month. This mini-workshop, presented by gallery owner, Barbara McEvoy, began by briefly introducing a more traditional style of journal entry, described in  "Joy Practices" in Book of Joy, by Dali Lama and Desmond Tutu. 

And then the fun! Warm up writing exercises helped participants get into the mode of fluid, right-brain writing (NOT English-teacher correct composing) followed by discussion of and/or actual practice with topics and techniques "OF A MORE EXPLORATORY AND PLAYFUL NATURE."

Evening group thinking.
Listing techniques included lists of goals, aims, bucket and to-do lists, and "crazy things I'd love to do, if money, age and/or time were not a factor." 

Other techniques included "letter writing," "consulting with," and "appreciation of" topics. Since we were discussing writing about and consulting with all manner of people, (real, imagined, historic, deceased, or living) and objects (animal, mineral, spirit!), we also discussed where our information for these journal meanderings might actually come from. 

Just exactly what explains creativity??  A topic we will return to in its many forms...

Discussion is part of the fun!
Be sure to keep in touch and join us at Freedom Gallery for Art and Spirit LLC on second and fourth Friday events continue to take place.

Presenter Barbara McEvoy  in center. 

E-mail comments and suggestions welcome here

Future Events include
February 23, a new exhibit "Good-bye Winter; Hello Spring" two separate times
      Noon to 2:30pmand 6-8 pm. 

March 9, 6-8  "Here's Looking at You," Gallery Artist Peg Scully will be demonstrating portrait painting with a model on hand. Bring pencil and sketch pad, or just come to watch and chat!

March 23, 6-8 "Seeing with a Photographer's Eye," Gallery Photographer Joel Rhymer will have a power point presentation and discussion about why some photographs are more appealing than others. Bring one or two of your own photos to share and critique. 

April 13,  6-8 "Photo Walk with a Professional," Gallery Photographer Joe Viger will do a photo walk starting at the gallery, and discuss photo tips on the way and back at the gallery. Bring photo phone or camera.

April 27, 6-8 "Your Turn," Bring a poem to read, your own or a favorite, or just come to listen and enjoy other perspectives.

May 11, 6-8 "Light, Shadows and Reflections in Our Lives"  Gallery Artist Terri Brooks will talk about her fascination with reflections and light and demonstrate how she does this in watercolor. The artist will work from photos and explain what she does. You are welcome to bring your own paints, (come early to set up) but bring your own photos. 

Monday, February 5, 2018



Before I even moved into the property at 8 Elm Street, I intended to set up "My Great White Barn" as a gallery, but it's history, after barn and carriage house, had included a seasonal gallery, traditional site of the Freedom Old Home Week lawn party, and three years of housing "Freedom Rings in the Holidays" crafts fair which was forced by NH winter weather, to move to warmer quarters in Town Hall.

Peg Scully's Wall
As an artist myself, I knew my great white barn was destined to be a gallery, and my studio, but what else? What are galleries for? First thought is for selling art, yes, of course...but if it were only for  people looking to buy art, it would be a lonely empty place.

A gallery is also for looking and learning! Art broadens our perspectives, soothes us, stimulates us, increases our awareness of the worlds around us.  A business name for my gallery kept parading through my mind. Freedom Gallery for ART & SPIRIT?

Spirit? Where did that fit into Art Galleries?
Terri Brooks' Wall
As the Freedom yoga teacher, a seemingly unconnected thought was, "A warm gallery closer to home than Town Hall? Of course, try it...and so I moved my yoga classes to the Gallery once it was heated. It's been a success. Class participants have commented that the paintings and photographs definitely add to the ambiance. They love Yoga in the Gallery! Of course they do. Art adds! That's why we visit museums...not to buy, but to see, to experience! 
Part of Joe Viger's Wall
These thumb nails show the gallery in miniature. They all look better up close and you don't have to join yoga to see what the yoga class sees*. Visit the gallery, in person, 10-3 Sat, 11:30-3 Sunday, or call 610-762-2493 to make an appointment!  We love to share our art, and we welcome visitors, by appointments or as drop-ins.
(*FYI Yoga is open for all levels, M&Th 3:45 & 6, Tues 10:30)
Sarah Tabor's Wall

Barbara McEvoy's Wall

Nancy Griffin's Wall
Joel Rhymer's Wall

THE NEXT STEPS? Don't miss out!

What more can we do with this wonderful space, besides thanking the artists for sharing their work. The answer is, Gallery Talks, but, since art and spirit are visual and active, as well as discussable, we have set up a series of experiential programs where you can come to look, listen, learn and, yes,  "Do something!" "Participate."

STARTING THIS WEEK We've planned free gallery events for the second and fourth Fridays. Join us for one or more. 

Friday February 7, two separate times, 1-2:30 and 6-8:30
     "Journaling: More than you ever imagined " Bring a notebook 8 1/2 by 11, and pens.
      Call Barbara with questions and to let her know you are coming to assure seating.

Friday February 23, two separate times, 1-2:30 and 6-8,  "Good-bye Winter, Hello Spring"  Exhibit opening with artists telling stories behind some of their works.

Friday March 9, 6-8  "Here's Looking at You"   Interactive Demonstration
Gallery Artist Peg Scully will be painting a portrait with a model on hand, and discuss what she is looking at, seeing, and doing as she paints. Artists can bring pencil and sketch pad if they want to try their hand at pencil portraits. 

Friday March 23, 6-8 PM  "Seeing With a Photographer's Eye" 
Gallery Photographer Joel Rhymer will present a power point explaining what makes some photos more appealing than others. Bring one or two photo's of your own to share, talk about, and/or critique.

Friday April 13, 6-8 "Walking the town with a Camera"  

Gallery Photographer Joe Viger will guide you on a short walk, giving photo tips, and return to the gallery for interactive discussion where we can share. Bring your camera phones!

Friday April 27 6-8  "Your Turn"
     Bring a favorite poem to read, one of your own, or just come to listen to other perspectives. 

As community events, you are welcome to BYOB and/or a snack. Seating is somewhat limited, so BYOC (floor pillow, camp chair) or call Barbara to let her know you'll need a chair and it will be provided. (Call 610-762-2493)

Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Plenty of room for paintings, plenty of room for visitors, plenty of food...

It happened! It really happened! 
October 21 was the grand opening of Freedom Gallery for Art & Spirit, LLC!
(Yes, that WAS a while ago, but when a baby is born, we are often busier than we realize, and Freedom Gallery has been, still is, my baby! )
But, late being said, it still needs to be said...What a wonderful village Freedom is. 
A general announcement and invitation went out and the town showed up bringing the party with them! The giving spirit here in the Village is remarkable, everyone ready to celebrate. Thank you, thank you...

and drink...
and conversation...

Plenty to look at and admire,
from local  award winning artists. 

The many compliments on the rehabbing were both noted and appreciated. Thank you again! ..Intent was to keep as many "barn aspects" as possible, but to have plenty of "hanging space" in a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Notice the "new" ceiling" accents the very old beams, (probably pre 1865) as well as some of the side supports. 

The slider (at rear of photo to right) is an efficient gallery entrance, heat wise, that also allows the original barn door to show through, when we need heat. (Thank you Ed Boyer, for that design idea) while providing excellent gallery space on the ledge above. Old floors were sanded and urethaned, old unsafe stairs replaced, etc. 

Old Glass was maintained in the original windows, but a second layer of inset glass both protects the windows and provides insulation. As an unheated barn originally, it was necessary to essentially build a shell within the shell. In fact, the details of what went in to this "final" show place are too numerous to mention, which probably explains why visitors coming in expect a barn and almost always express surprise. Come and see for yourself!

Friends, Ray Desmarais, the coordinating contractor of this undertaking,
and his artist wife, Joyce are enjoying the exhibit. 
It is indeed a "Fine Arts Gallery" as several guests have commented,  and many thanks go to Ray Desmarais contractor, his son Steve, and his group of workers for a job exceedingly well done.

If you missed the opening and have been meaning to stop by, do so please.
Gallery hours are Saturday 10 to 3 and Sunday 11:30 to 3:30, 
BUT if you are in town or passing through, the gallery phone number is on the sign out front. 
Don't hesitate to call the number. Or make an appointment. Whether I'm in my home or my studio, I'll be glad to show off the gallery and its' artists' works. 

Remember, a Gallery isn't for selling, (though no-one complains if you buy), it's for enjoying someone else's perspective and broadening your own as well.

We're located at 8 Elm Street, Freedom, NH...Next to the church and opposite the Village Store!

Stay tuned, follow the blog. Next installment will tell about the fine art artists and feature their works. 

Check out my artist blog, Barbara McEvoy,, and my website Barbara Mcevoy, Artist of White Mountain Scenes


The Connection Continues Ashton Ingram  Artist of the Month,  September, Freedom Elementary student, 3rd grade Stop by...