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Friday, November 2, 2018


The Connection Continues

Ashton Ingram
 Artist of the Month, September,
Freedom Elementary student, 3rd grade

Stop by Freedom Gallery to see Ashton Ingram’s painting, “The Hungry Fish,” in person. Ashton, a third grader, is the first student selected as the Artist of the Month, a new program at Freedom Elementary School, instituted by their art teacher, Mrs. Kim Stephan. Just one more connection between Freedom Elementary School and Freedom Gallery at 8 Elm Street.

The Freedom Gallery Connection began last year when Mrs. Stephan had the idea that it would be special to have students’ art displayed in a real gallery. Maybe like the one she ran past on Elm Street, Freedom. A word here and there, ski buddies, family connections, and yes… Of course! The connection was made! Let’s do it. A student exhibit in a real gallery. A piece of art from every student on display as an end of year celebration of art! But let’s first introduce the children formally to the gallery, to other artists' art! 

Mrs Stephan making final changes on the exhibit.
And so they came in May, a short walk from the school to Freedom Gallery.  They chose an art piece they liked and wrote about it using a response sheet Mrs. Stephan had prepared. Then in June each student chose a painting from their own portfolio to include in the First Annual Freedom Elementary School Exhibit at Freedom Gallery! The exhibit was hung, 
Students and parents enjoying the exhibit.
and they came back, again, with their parents and with the community to see their works on display. 

Before the fun of that evening faded from our memories, the decision was made to continue with an annual exhibit, and to bring the students back for more than one gallery visit during the next year. 

And before this school year started, the thought was to also choose an art student of the month. The connection continues! 

How lucky we are when school programs and parents recognize the importance of art and music to child development, and provide the support. Thank you Mrs. Stephan. Thank you Mrs Pat Stone. Thank you Freedom Elementary School teachers and parents.

Hungry fish!
Ashton Ingram

Try the following, shorter version of Mrs.Stephan’s response sheet below, on Ashton’s painting! And on other art pieces when you visit the gallery! 

Look at the painting. Consider the lines, colors, textures, patterns.  Think of the purpose! 

What do you think the artist was thinking or feeling as he/she created the art piece?

What are you thinking and feeling as you look at the art. 

What do you like best? What don’t you like?

Stop by to see October’s Artist, to be announced soon, and watch this blog or the Freedom Bulletin Board for announcement of other artists of the month as they are announced. Gallery hours generally open 10-5 on Saturdays, 11:30 to 3 on Sundays, or call for an appointment  (610) 762-2493.

Also coming up, Freedom Rings in the Holidays, November 16 from 6pm-9pm, Nov 17 from 10am to 5pm and Sunday from 11:30 to 2. Join us for cider and cookies and visit other holiday venues as well during this festive event.

Yoga continues at Freedom Gallery: Mon and Th 1:30 beginners/reNEWal classes 
and advanced beginners/intermediate classes on Mon and Th 4 and 6, and Wed 10:30.
Same low prices: First class Free, then $75 for 10 classes, $40 unlimited monthly, and $10 drop-in.
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The Connection Continues Ashton Ingram  Artist of the Month,  September, Freedom Elementary student, 3rd grade Stop by...